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Application of pre-alloyed powder in diamond tools


The performance of diamond tool carcass is a key factor affecting the cutting performance of diamond tools. Therefore, it is of special significance to stabilize and improve the quality of diamond tools by using appropriate processes to control or adjust the properties of the carcass material. From the perspective of the composition of the carcass material, currently the traditional elemental metal powder is mechanically mixed and then pressed and sintered. The use of elemental powder has many influencing factors, so the sintering quality is not easy to control, and the mechanical properties of the carcass are not ideal.

Pre-alloyed powder is proposed to overcome the shortcomings of this kind of mechanically mixed carcass powder that is commonly used in domestic diamond tool manufacturing. The formulation of the carcass was designed by analyzing the phase diagram, and Cu, Ni, and Fe matrixes were designed according to the content of the main elements. Pre-alloyed powder is prepared by water atomization method. Comparing the pre-alloyed powder sintered cutter head with the traditional mechanical mixed powder sintered cutter head in various mechanical properties, the hardness is increased by 11%, 8%, 4% respectively; the bending strength is increased by 10%, 29%, 10%.

A large number of experiments were performed on the pre-alloyed powder cutter head and the mixed powder cutter head with the same composition in terms of sintering densification and alloying, and a kinetic analysis was performed. The analysis shows that under the same sintering conditions, the longer the holding time, the higher the hardness, flexural strength and density. The process of achieving equal homogenization of alloying elements in the pre-alloyed powder matrix is accelerated, and it is easy to achieve compactness.

The fracture of the carcass was analyzed from the fracture. The pre-alloyed carcass was ductile and the mixed powder carcass was ductile and brittle. By analyzing the uniformity of element distribution by scanning electron microscopy, the element distribution of the pre-alloyed powder carcass is more uniform, while the mixed powder carcass has the phenomenon of element segregation.

The pre-alloy powder was applied to the saw blade, and the surface morphology and abrasion of the blade after cutting (cutting under the same conditions) were observed, and a mixed powder saw blade of the same composition was compared. The bonding strength of the carcass and diamond, the exposure of the diamond and the rate of shedding were analyzed. The results show that the performance of the three saw blades meets the requirements for use, and the pre-alloyed powder saw blades have higher cutting speed and cutting life than the mixed powder saw blades. Among the 3 types of pre-alloyed powder saw blades, the cutting speed of Cu-based pre-composite powder saw blades is the fastest, and the cutting speed of Ni-based pre-alloyed powder saw blades is the slowest, but it has the longest cutting life and the Fe-based pre-alloyed powder saw blades. The shortest life.


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