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Talk about the classification and technology of iron powder


Iron and steel powder is the national economy. Water atomized pure iron powder is a kind of metal material that is not in short supply in the machinery manufacturing industry. Iron and steel powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy, production of welding electrodes, flame cutting and finishing, magnetic field, electrostatic copying, power industry, food industry, medicine, chemical industry and other occupations. Used in powder metallurgy to manufacture mechanical parts-mechanical parts are generally products formed by processes such as casting, forging, stamping, and welding. These processing methods are characterized by low data utilization rate, high cost, and problems of pollution and labor and environmental sanitation.

In contrast, the production of mechanical parts by powder metallurgy has the advantages of saving data and man-hours, being easy to take initiative, and simply arranging a large number of productions, which can greatly improve the working environment. The advantages of using powder metallurgy to make mechanical parts are: several parts can be integrated in planning and production, good repeatability during mass production, good surface finish of parts, and the production of parts with chaotic shapes, without cutting, with material and time saving And so on. Because the metal powder has high viscosity and the parts are lubricated, the required use function can be obtained, and the different characteristics of different materials fused with each other can be combined to produce materials and products with special functions.

For the production of welding electrodes. Steel powder is mainly used in the production and welding of welding electrodes in three ways. It is to participate in more than 50% of steel powder in the electrode coating (now up to 75%) in order to increase the electrode coverage and deposition rate. This type of electrode is generally called steel powder electrode. The second is to participate in 10% to 30% steel powder in the electrode coating to improve the welding process function of the electrode. The third method of steel powder used in the production and welding of the electrode is as a filler, such as The steel powder is used to fill the "welding grains", which are filled in the planer, and cooperate with active welding wire, flux and pad.

Strengths of steel powder welding rod: steel powder and welding core melt the weld metal together, increase the fusion ratio, save the quality of the welding rod, high coverage rate, can improve the welding power, can save about 20% of electricity, and can choose Rod welding, reducing the labor intensity of the welder. For flame cutting and finishing. When oxyhydrogen flame and acetylene flame are used to cut the refractory material, the steel powder is added to the flame to increase the flame temperature. At this time, the molten iron oxide produced also functions as a flux.


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