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Application of alloy powder


A metal powder formed by the partial or complete alloying of two or more components. Water atomized pure iron powder is mainly classified into iron alloy powder, copper alloy powder, nickel alloy powder, cobalt alloy powder, aluminum alloy powder, titanium alloy powder, and precious metal alloy powder.

Cemented carbide is composed of a hard matrix and a bonded metal. Cemented carbide is an excellent tool material, mainly used for cutting tools, metal forming tools, surface wear-resistant materials and high rigid structural components. The hard matrix uses refractory metal compounds, mainly tungsten carbide and titanium carbide, as well as tantalum carbide, niobium carbide, and vanadium carbide, etc., to ensure that the alloy has high hardness and wear resistance. The iron group metals and their alloys for bonding metals are mainly cobalt, which gives the alloy a certain strength and toughness.

The use of new powder metallurgy raw materials can simplify production processes and reduce manufacturing costs. For example, the partially diffused pre-alloyed powder (Distaloy powder) developed by Hoganas Company, when using this powder to manufacture mechanical structural parts, because it can achieve high material density, strength and dimensional tolerance accuracy, it can save finishing or re- The pressing process can reduce the production cost of parts by 30%.

It is especially suitable for the production of parts with complex shapes, such as VVT parts, planetary gear carriers, synchronizer hubs, etc. Using this powder, due to its very good dimensional accuracy and stability, the product can be reduced by 50% if it exceeds the standard, the weight deviation can be reduced by 25% ~ 50%, the size deviation can be reduced by 25% ~ 50%, and the demolding force can be reduced by 15%. %, Production efficiency can be increased by 10% to 30%, reducing the cost of machining, quality inspection and waste. The use of free-cutting powder can reduce cutting processing costs. The use of sintered hardening powder can obtain the heat treatment performance in the sintered state, thereby reducing the heat treatment cost.


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