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Features and functions of superfine pre-alloyed powder


Ultrafine pre-alloyed powder is a kind of water atomized pure iron powder with a diameter of less than 10 microns. Metal powder with consistent composition.

Diamond tools are usually made by powder metallurgy, sintering diamond particles and metal matrix powder by hot pressing or cold pressing. The diamond tool must be worn away when the diamond tool is working in order to make the diamond particles appear on the surface of the carcass and work as a micro cutting edge.

The manufacture of diamond tools requires the selection of suitable carcass materials according to the performance requirements of the cutting object: it is necessary to firmly bond the diamond and to wear at a synchronous rate to maintain the tool's sufficient self-sharpness. The purpose of studying the properties of carcass materials is to continuously explore various process methods, control or adjust the properties of carcass materials, make full use of diamond particles, and make diamond tools have high cutting speed, long service life and high cost performance.

In order to obtain diamond tools with excellent performance, more and more types of metal powder are added to the carcass, and the composition is more and more complicated. However, in the current domestic diamond tools, metal powders are mostly added in the form of mechanically mixed powders. Although the more metal powders, the greater the range of tunability of the components and metal powders, but the more influential factors will cause The sintering quality of the body is not easy to control. Pre-alloyed powders are proposed to overcome the shortcomings of mechanically mixed carcass powders commonly used in diamond tool manufacturing.


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