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Use of pig iron powder


Pure metallic iron is silver white and iron powder is black. This is an optical problem because the specific surface area of iron powder is small and there is no fixed geometry. Water atomizes pure iron powder and the crystal structure of the iron block is geometric. Therefore, the iron block absorbs part of the visible light and reflects the other part of the visible light specularly, showing white; the light that has not been absorbed by the iron powder is diffusely reflected, and there is less visible light that can enter the human eye, so it is black.

1.Pig iron powder: Mainly used in medicine, dyes, preservatives, deoxidizers, stoves (warm baby), counterweight, water treatment, health products and other fields, specifications from 20 mesh to 200 mesh, customer specifications can be formulated , Iron content is more than 90%.

2. The main uses of reduced iron powder are: ① as a raw material for powder metallurgy products, which consumes about 60 to 80% of the total consumption of iron powder; ② as a raw material for electric welding electrodes, add 10 to 70 to the coating % Iron powder can improve the welding process of the electrode and significantly improve the deposition efficiency; ③ As a flame cutting spray, when cutting steel products, spray iron powder into the oxygen-acetylene flame, which can change the cutting performance and expand the cutting steel type. Range, increase the cut thickness; ④ can also be used as a reducing agent in organic chemical synthesis, copier ink carrier, etc.

3. The industries applicable to counterweight iron powder mainly include: forklift counterweight, excavator counterweight, crane counterweight, tower crane counterweight, crane counterweight, power shovel counterweight, bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer counterweight, port Mechanical counterweights, ship loader and counterweights, shipyard ballast counterweights, dock floating boat counterweights, can also be used as additives for heavy concrete and blast furnace refractories to increase their abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, electrostatic shielding Radiation protection. And oil well filter tanks, counterweight bridge engineering, ballast counterweights for water conservancy and hydropower, counterweights for electrical appliances and lighting bases, counterweights for elevators, counterweights for sporting goods and other industries.

4. Replacement iron powder is mainly used for extracting metals (copper, chromium, titanium, etc.) in various solutions, such as sponge copper production industry (extracting copper from copper sulfate solution), commonly known as wet smelting. The substitution reaction is to replace the positively charged metal from the solution with the more negatively charged metal. The larger the potential difference between the two metals, the greater the replacement tendency. For example, in the replacement reaction of the production of sponge copper, the negatively charged iron Larger than copper, the positions of the two metals are interchanged in the reaction interface, thereby achieving the purpose of extracting the metal from the solution. Replacement of the intermediate metal is the key to improve the replacement rate, and the iron powder dedicated to the replacement is a common replacement of the intermediate metal currently engaged in the wet smelting industry.

5. Chemical iron powder: mainly used in titanium dioxide, chemical industry and other industries.

6. Iron powder for water treatment: It is mainly used for wastewater treatment in electroplating, tanning, papermaking, dyeing and finishing, chemical industry, ceramics and other industries.

7. Iron powder for magnets: It is mainly used to make magnets, and the number of different meshes can be adjusted.

8. Iron powder for heating: It is mainly used for warm bags and heating posts.


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