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Powder metallurgy is a component of metal matrix in friction materials


The metal substrate is a particle that can fix the metal friction component and the lubricating component. Water atomized pure iron powder reduces the parts to remain intact when sliding. The use of powder metallurgy friction materials has greatly improved the strength and wear resistance. The use of powder metallurgy can better participate in friction, have moderate wear and conduct frictional heat. When the density of parts increases, the strength of the matrix will increase, but from the viewpoint of powder metallurgy, it is not that the higher the strength, the better. When the strength is low, the actual contact area will increase, the friction coefficient will increase, and the powder metallurgical friction material will wear down.

Lihe Weihang Metal Powder

Powder metallurgy is a component of metal matrix in friction materials

When the powder metallurgy products are in the friction process, the heat generated by the friction easily causes the physical and mechanical properties of the metal substrate to change, causing the surface to oxidize, the friction performance to become larger, and even the phenomenon of bonding and bonding. In order to strengthen and improve the performance of this substrate, powder metallurgy products are used to improve the thermal conductivity and stability of the friction surface and prevent the occurrence of glue. In addition, we can use powder metallurgy friction materials to widely improve the wear resistance of parts based on the consideration of various aspects such as good thermal conductivity of the metal substrate, not easy to rust, and material compatibility. Sex and stability.

For the friction and wear performance of parts, the use of powder metallurgy can improve the reliability of the machinery or mechanism and the economical use, and reduce the frictional wear of parts to a minimum. Powder metallurgy friction products have been widely used in the fields of machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobiles and military vehicles.


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