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Liaoning Shengyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Sales service hotline:

+86 0419-7236333

Office: +86 0419-7674777

Fax: +86 0419-7577518

Postcode: 111000


Mobile: +86 15941996888 (Wechat synchronization)

Address: No. 16-3, Heiniuzhuang Zhenxing Street, Shoushan Town, Liaoyang County, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province



CEO: Liu Gang

Graduated from correspondence class of Tsinghua University;

Representative of Liaoyang People's Congress;

Director of Liaoyang County Federation of Industry and Commerce;

Company CEO



CTO: Li Chengwei

Professor and doctoral supervisor of Liaoning University of Science and Technology; director of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering; director of the Institute of Powder Metallurgy Materials. Member of the China Iron and Steel Association Powder Metallurgy Association. Has long been engaged in powder metallurgy teaching and research work;

Published five core journal papers in the past three years, three invention patents, and more than 10 million yuan in research fees;

Part-time technical director of the company;